Are you looking to utilise a two way radio rental? Then you’re in the right place because here at Kestrel Communications, we’re all about offering effective communication between teams across the country. We know that communication is key to any team, ensuring that the best possible work can be accomplished by your team. 

We know that our two way radio rental is used across a number of different industries, from events to industry work, to security and more, which is why we’re committed to stocking such a range of radios for you to work with. No matter what it is that you need, here at Kestrel Communications, we can deliver practical communication channels.

Why Work with Two Way Radios?

Simply Functionality

Unlike other communication devices, a two way radio rental does not require any scrolling or searching to use them. All of our two way radio rentals are one button technology, meaning that at the press of a button you can chat to the rest of your team. There’s no contact list and no scrolling or searching for information when needed. This can really make all the difference in an emergency situation because it saves those precious moments when calling for help. 

Additionally, technology has developed now to the point where a two way radio rental can either communicate with teams and individuals or they can communicate with the whole team, depending on what you need. This makes them simple to use, ideal for any situation that you might be in.

Offer Instant Communication 

When it comes to team communication over two way radio, being able to hear each other is key. Especially in an emergency situation, whatever that might look like, clear and open communication is key for the right help, to reach the right people, at the right time. Our two way radio rentals can really help this because they include useful features, such as noise filtering. 

This filter will be able to block out background noise, allowing for your voice to be heard clearly. This is really useful for any situation where you have noise around you, be that from nature or from people. When it comes to easy and clear communication, a two way radio rental really is your best option. 

Provide Latest Digital Technologies

Although two way radio rentals are considered to be a bit of an old fashioned, analogue technology, this simply is not the case. Our two way radio rentals really do work in the digital world these days, transmitting data packets over wireless networks. Not only does this mean that you have fast speeds and easy communication, but it also means that you can receive texts, emails and voice signals across your site and around the world via the internet. This makes our two way radio rental a real benefit to all of our customers because it means that it is easy for their employees to keep in touch with each other and thus allow the day to run smoothly and safely.

Want to Speak to Our Team?

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