If you are looking for high quality Motorola radio equipment then Kestrel Communications is here to help. Kestrel Communications is a professional and reliable company that for over 30 years has supplied wireless communication systems to fully satisfied customers. We have expert knowledge about the industry and our products and we can offer our specialist advice to those who are unsure of what they need. We even have the capabilities to build you a tailor made system so that your business’ specific needs can be met. 

How can Kestrel Communications Help you?

At Kestrel Communications we have a wide variety of Motorola radio equipment. We have portable and mobile radios of the Motorola brand, available in both dialogue and analogue forms. These radios are convenient for general workers all the way through to skilled professionals and managers, they are a means for information to be conveyed clearly, and to have communication throughout the whole business. 

Our Motorola radio equipment also includes mobile two way radios which extend to those who work in transport areas of the business. Our selection of mobile radios have slightly different qualities, but are all high performing, and allow our customers a choice so they can stick with their budget and meet their needs. You can expect a long battery life, and access to a wide variety of channels – the number of which is different depending on the radio you choose. 

Another item from our Motorola radio equipment is our ATEX radios and cellular devices. ATEX certified products are for use in environments that have the potential to be harmful for example, explosions, fires, gas leaks and more. In these types of working environments, being able to communicate emergencies in a clear and precise manner is of the utmost importance. 

Our ATEX Motorola radio equipment is easy to use, which is important in highly pressured situations. Each has useful qualities for example, our Motorola DO4401 EX has a GPS, man down functions and emergency buttons, and our Motorola DP4801 EX has the same features and goes even further, with a full keypad, night and day mode,1000 channels and loads more. As we are a leading provider of ATEX radios, you can be sure that the products we supply you with are high quality and dependable. 

What other Services do we Provide? 

As well as our Motorola radio equipment, we are also able to offer Hytera branded equipment, which is just as high performing. We are also able to provide a selection of systems that we can build, tailored to your specifications. We have radio over IP systems – connecting your computer to radios, tracking systems to monitor the movements of the radios, paging systems, man down systems – which notify others about any instances that have left an employee vulnerable or injured, and our alarm management system – including our integrated system – which provides a variety of alarm alerts.

Want to Speak to our Team?

If you have questions about our Motorola radio equipment or are interested in our services, please get in touch and we will be able to use our expert knowledge to help you with your job. You can call us on 021-4319900, or you can reach us by email info@kestrelcomms.com and through our enquiry form. We look forward to hearing from you.