If you’re planning an event and communication is a concern, then why don’t you contact us at Kestrel Communications today? We can provide you with quality two way radio rentals that are ideal for whatever event you might have. Two way radio rentals are a great way for you to encourage communication and team building across your work. Here at Kestrel Communications, we specialise in the sale, service and rental of two way radios, so you can rest assured that whatever radios you receive while working with us are created to the highest possible standard. 

Why choose our two way radio rentals over your mobile phone?

In the world of mobile phones, there is a train of thought that believes that two way radio rentals have been rendered obsolete, but this is not the case. We’ve been working with two way radio rentals for many years and we’ve discovered just how important and useful they are to those running events. In order to make this clear for you, we’ve come up with a list of reasons why you should choose two way radio rentals over your everyday mobile phones.

  • They work much better for emergency situations

Phone signals can be inconsistent and unreliable, especially when an emergency happens. Our two way radio rentals bypass that issue because they don’t rely on phone service towers or landlines. This clear and reliable communication is key in an emergency situation because time is of the essence. There’s often no time to run around trying to get a signal to phone someone with, its far better and safer for everyone involved for you to rely on two way radio rentals instead.

  • They’re lightweight but durable

Another great reason why to choose two way radio rentals is that they’re really easy to transport and use combining being light with being strong. There’s no need to worry about carrying out two way radio rentals anywhere because they’re lightweight and continue working even when they’ve been bashed around. This can offer you and your employees real peace of mind that they don’t have to worry about dropping their radios as they go around their day. There’s no need for added protection, most of our radios are built to military specifications, so they can withstand almost anything that you can throw at them. 

  • They allow for clear communication

Another key reason for choosing two way radio rentals above all else is the clear communication that they offer. Unlike your phone, our two way radio rentals come with noise cancelling technology that can remove external noises like wind noise, vibration and outside conversation. This means that you can clearly hear what your colleague is talking about on the other end of the radio. Clear and concise communication is important in any field of work, so ensure that you can hear each other properly with two way radio rentals. 

Want to find out more?

If you’d like to find out more about our two way radio rentals, then feel free to give us a call on 021-4319900 or email us at Info@Kestrelcomms.Com.