Radio Over IP

Communicate with a Radio System using any Laptop or PC

Systems & Solutions

Communicate with your Radio System Remotely Over IP

Communicate with your radios system remotely using your PC or Laptop from any location over IP

Our Solutions Include

Systems Built for You

Systems built in-house by our technicians to suite your needs, Contact us and we can see what solution best suites your needs

Advanced Solutions

As well as systems built in-house, we also offer more complicated systems to suite even the most demanding situations

Integrated Systems

A Complete Solution Combining Alarm Management, Lone Worker, CCTV, Phone, Text, Email, Off-Site Alerting, Radio Over IP and Radio Communications with an Easy to Use Computer System

Simple yet effective

Systems Built for You

We can design and build RoIP systems to suit your needs

Versatile & Effective solutions

Advanced Solutions

Advanced Systems designed to suit difficult situations, providing effective solutions for even the most complicated situations

A complete integrated solution

Integrated Systems

Integrated Systems bring together all aspects of Safety and Communication on your site. Integrating Lone Worker/Man Down Alarms, Fire Alarm Notification, Phone Calls, Text Messaging, Email, Off-Site Alerting, Radio Over IP and Radio Communications. This solution allows for the allocation of Jobs or Emergency Duties Automatically Via the Radio System, and it is all Controlled and Monitored from a Central Dispatch Computer or Several Dispatch Computers