Are you concerned about the safety of your business? Then you might be interested in one of our alarm management systems. Here at Kestrel Communications, we can offer you the high quality systems that you need for your business to continue to thrive. We know how stressful security can be, which is why we’re focused on ensuring that your alarm management system is fully comprehensive and designed specifically for your needs. Our specialists will help you to choose the right system for your business, ensuring that your alarm alerts are sent to the right people at the right time. 

What types of things can alarm management systems be used for?

We’ve all seen moves where criminals forget to properly turn off alarms and are suddenly surrounded by bright lights and loud noises. However, alarm management systems have very much moved on from that over the years. This sophistication makes it easier for you to manage a crisis at your place of business and ensure that you can get the best outcome for your company. This is important, not just for our intruder alarm system, but also for our other systems, which are related to the health and well being of your employees. 

  • Intruder alarm systems

Perhaps our most requested alarm management system, our intruder alarm sends on or off site notifications as soon as an alarm is triggered. This means that you can be notified straight away if someone is somewhere they shouldn’t be, there’s no need to wait to get the situation sorted. You can choose who is alerted by our alarm management system, whether that is your or the police directly. The benefit of using this system is that we don’t set up intruder alarms in the building, so there’s no chance that we will spook your intruders, allowing you to catch them in the act. 

  • Fire alarm systems

It is a legal requirement for your business to have a fire alarm management system installed in your home. Unlike an intruder alarm management system, this system does ensure that everyone in the building is made aware when the alarm system is triggered. This means that as soon as it happened, people can be safely moved to safety, a fast response that could save many people’s lives. This can be especially useful because the alarm management system can pick up on fires before they spread, allowing you to minimise the damage to your building, as well as secure the safety of all your employees. 

Need an alarm management system put in place?

No matter what type of alarm management system you’re looking for, we at Kestrel Communications will be able to design the perfect system for you. Our experts will be able to ensure that your entire building is covered, giving you peace of mind that your building and employees are protected. You can get in touch with one of our specialists today by giving us a call on 021-4319900 or emailing us at Info@Kestrelcomms.Com.