Lone Worker &
Man Down Systems

Piece of Mind when personnel are working alone

Systems & Solutions

Safe & Effective Solutions

We offer a variety of Lone Worker and Man Down solutions. From Simple Radio to Radio Alarms to Off-Site Telephone and Dispatch Alerting, We Offer Scalable Solutions from Two Man Operations to Large Multilevel Operations

Our Solutions Include

Radio to Radio

Simple yet Effective - We offer Radio to Radio Emergency Altering, Letting Your Team Know When There's a Problem

Off-Site Alerting

Peace of Mind from a Distance - Never Worry About Unaccompanied Personnel, Alarms will be sent to a Designated Phone, Computer, Radio or Remote Site

Integrated Systems

A Complete Solution Combining Alarm Management, Lone Worker, CCTV, Phone, Text, Email, Off-Site Alerting and Radio Communications with an Easy to Use Computer System

Simple yet effective

Radio to Radio Alerting

Man Down Altering in it’s most simple form, when the Man Down Alarm is triggered, an alert will be sent to all radios on the channel alerting them to the emergency – This feature comes as standard on all our Digital ATEX Radios

Piece of Mind from a distance

Off-Site Alerting

With off-site alerting you can rest assured that unaccompanied workers are safe. In the event of an emergency the Man-Down Alarm will trigger a Phone Call with a pre-recorded message, a Text message, an Email or All Three to a remote site or designated Number or Several Numbers

A complete integrated solution

Integrated Systems

Integrated Systems bring together all aspects of Safety and Communication on your site. Integrating Lone Worker/Man Down Alarms, Fire Alarm Notification, Phone Calls, Text Messaging, Email, Off-Site Alerting and Radio Communications. This solution allows for the allocation of Jobs or Emergency Duties Automatically Via the Radio System, and it is all Controlled, Monitored and Orchestrated from a Central Dispatch Computer or Several Dispatch Computers