Internal Trackng

An Effective Solution for Internal Tracking

Systems & Solutions

Effectively Locate Radio Users

Internal Tracking is achieved using Bluetooth beacons located around the building, allowing the position of a radio to be determined – When Combined with GPS it allows for effective tracking both Internally and Externally

How it Works

Bluetooth Beacons

Bluetooth Beacons are placed strategically around the building

Radios Trigger Beacons

As the radio user moves around the building he will trigger different Bluetooth Beacons depending on proximity

Information Displayed

The location information is then displayed on a map on the dispatch computer

Uses for Internal Tracking


In the event of a man-down situation, assistance can be delivered faster as the location of the radio user can be easily determined

Guard Tour

Guard Tour, or Route Management enables you to create a route that one or more radio users have to follow. Each route includes a number of checkpoints representing GPS locations or Bluetooth Beacons. Failure to complete the route at the right time will trigger an alarm.

Alarms & Incidents

In the event of an Alarm or Incident, easily determine who is nearby to either investigate or evacuate

Monitoring Radios

Check the locations of all radio users, giving you an overview of the situation on the ground, allowing you to assess the situation on site, in real time from one location