Do you work in an industry that is associated with a potential explosive environment? Are you concerned about the use of electric radios causing an unwanted explosion? Then you’re in need of Motorola ATEX radios. Here at Kestrel Communications, we provide our customers with the right radios for their business needs, including our Motorola ATEX radios, of which we have a number of styles and brands that you could be interested in. 

We have been in the industry for selling, restoring and renting radios for a number of years, so we have the experience needed to offer you the right choice for your business, no matter what industry you might work with. If you have questions about the radios for you, turn to the experts and Kestrel Communications for your unique solution.

What is an ATEX radio?

An ATEX radio has been designed to work in explosive atmospheres, like mines or other such hazardous areas. This is important because clear communication in these particular situations however, the slightest spark or change in heat could spell disaster for everyone in that area. Although often reliable, regular radios do run on electricity, which could cause problems when using them. If you harness the power Motorola ATEX radios instead, then you can avoid this concern and risk. 

The Motorola ATEX radios have been designed to ensure that they don’t emit any sparks or heat, ensuring that you’re protected during your work. This term ATEX comes from the 2003 ATEX Directive, which was introduced by the European Union to ensure safety at work. As such, they are manufactured to incredibly stringent standards, so you know that you can really rely on them to keep yourself safe. From the radio casing to the choice of the batteries, every part of the Motorola ATEX radios are created with your safety in mind. For example, these radios operate at a lower output voltage than normal radios. This means that you can use them with confidence that no matter what conditions you find yourself in, you’ll be able to communicate with your team with your radios; key to keeping the environment you’re in as safe as possible. 

If you’re looking for Motorola ATEX radios, then we can help you at Kestrel Communications. We know how important it is to have the right equipment for your job and your choice of radio comes into that. Whether you’re looking to buy or rent, we can outfit you with the right Motorola ATEX radios for your system. Working with our experienced staff can help with this process, so you can get back to work, knowing that you can have a safe and productive day. 

Want to know more about our Motorola ATEX radios?

If Motorola ATEX radios sound like the right choice for you, then why not get in touch with us today on 021-4319900 or email us at Info@Kestrelcomms.Com? Our customer focus is so important to us, so if you have specific requirements, we will make sure that we keep them in mind while we’re choosing your radios. We can ensure that you’re fully satisfied with our work, which is our number one priority.