Are you looking for an alarm management system that will help keep your property safe? Then Kestrel Communications are here to help. We provide our customers with an excellent range of alarms and alarm management systems, to take the pressure off you. No matter what type of alarm you’re looking for, be that Fire, Man Down, Intruder, or something else, we are here to help. We’re also dedicated to ensuring that our alarm management systems work for you, making sure that our system runs to your requirements. Whatever you need help protecting yourself from, Kestrel Communications is here to help.

What Alarm Management Systems do we Provide?

We understand that no two clients operate in the same way and that includes the way they want their alarm management system to operate. As such, we are dedicated to offering variety to our clients, giving them options that will work for them;

On-site Radios

This alarm management system is simple but effective. When an alarm is tripped, an alert is sent to any of the selected on site radios. This alert will include any of the details that you might need to sort the problem yourself. This is a popular option, particularly for those who have 24 hour security guards or a 24/7 staff rota. Our on-site radio option means that control is put entirely into the hands of our clients, they can choose to call in any other authorities or they can see to the alarm themselves. This is particularly helpful should the alarm be tripped by mistake, as can happen.

Off-Site Alerting

Some of our clients are uncomfortable with the idea that our alarm management system would not alert anyone outside of the site. This could be considered a safety risk, particularly if the site is already compromised. As such, we developed off-site alerting. This alarm management system gives you peace of mind that notifications will be sent off-site. This alert can either be sent to the customer or staring to the police, giving our clients the option of how they would like to handle the situation. It is important to note that this alert can come via a call with a pre-recorded message, with a text message or an email, whichever the client would prefer.

Want to Find out More?

If you’re interested in finding out more about investing in our alarm management systems, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have more than thirty years of experience in the sector and can guarantee to help find the system for the safety and security of you and your employees. No matter how you want your system to work, our simple but effect alarm management systems are flexible enough to adapt to your requirements.

Whether you want us to notify you first or go straight to the police, you can have peace of mind that you and your property are protected. You can give us a call on 021-4319900 or drop us an email at Alternatively, you can contact us via our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.