Is your business searching for ATEX 2 way radios? Are you looking for a professional, cost-effective solution from a reliable business? If so, then you’re in the right place. Welcome to Kestrel Communications. Established in 1986, we specialise in the sale, rental and service of wireless communications systems including ATEX 2 way radios.

We cover everything from two way radio (PMR), radio control over VoIP, paging systems, lone worker and man down alarm systems, GSM control units, and more. All the systems we build and provide are tailored to meet customer needs. Our systems are scalable; we can satisfy customers regardless of the size of their operation, whether it is just a two-man operation or a large-scale multiple-level operation. If you are interested in an ATEX 2 way radio solution, contact us today for more information.

Welcome to Kestrel Communications

Here at Kestrel Communications, we offer a wide range of ATEX 2 way radios and mobile phones for both purchase and rental use. ATEX or intrinsically safe radios and cell phones are used in a number of industries for effective communication – such as oil and gas, waste management, pharmaceuticals and more. ATEX 2 way radios are suitable in pretty much any industry where there is a strong likelihood of a dangerous situation occurring like a fire or explosion. Anywhere with a hazardous environment needs to have consistent, uninterrupted communication at all times.

We supply ATEX equipment to a number of these industries and work closely with companies to deliver competitively priced effective solutions which meet their needs and demands. If you are looking for ATEX 2 way radios then we have a number of options available for you from leading names – namely Motorola and Hytera. With a Motorola system, your workers can deal with threats on an oil rig or anywhere else that’s dangerous, with completely safe, continual communication, no matter the conditions of the environment. Motorola systems offer unparalleled voice and data communications, as well as integrated GPS technology. These units always perform to a high standard.

If you are interested in a Hytera system, then we have a range of solutions we can offer you including the Hytera PD715Ex. This radio unit provides inherently safe, digital, efficient two-way radio communication. It is secure and has been designed to meet all European ATEX standards, FM standards and IEC standards. An ideal solution for operations which are being overseen in a tough environment, this Hytera unit is a reliable, consistent high-performer. If you need advice and guidance regarding ATEX 2 way radios for your business, then you should contact Kestrel Communications today.

Would you Like to Learn More?

Should you like to find out more about our ATEX 2 way radio solutions, please feel free to get in touch with our team today. We are always eager to respond to your inquiries and questions. Our team has expert knowledge of ATEX 2 way radio solutions, and can provide you with a first-class service. We can be reached via email at or by phone at 021 431 9900. We hope to hear from you soon.