Want to improve your workplace communication? Are you considering radio rentals but don’t see the difference between them and your mobile phone? Having radio rentals can make all the difference in your workplace, so whether you’re planning a big event or growing your security team, it’s best to ensure that you have high quality radio rentals. That’s where Kestrel Communications can help. We are specialists in the sale, service and rental of radios and we are dedicated to ensuring that everyone has the right radios for their needs.

Why Choose a Radio Rental?

A two way radio rental is an ideal choice for communication because they are reliable, particularly in areas where mobile phone signal might be patchy. There are endless options of radios, so you can pick the one that is right for you. Whether you need something with a variety of channels or you need something with a rugged, secure exterior, we have the choice for you. Besides reliability, there are a number of other benefits to choosing radio rentals over mobile phones.


It’s pretty safe to assume that everyone has dropped their phone at least once in their life, the result can be catastrophic. From cracked screens, to devastating damage to the phone’s internal components. Although cases these days are designed to help protect the delicate mechanisms of a phone, it can still be quite risky.

If one of your employees phones gets dropped while at work, there is a chance that the company will have to pay for it, which can get expensive very fast. A radio rental has no such issues. With strong protective casings and rigorous factory testing, a radio can keep working, no matter how many times it has been dropped.


There is also the convenience of using a radio rental. You can begin a conversation with anyone else using the same channel. This means that you can immediately start talking to other members of your team and get a response from other team members, should the person you want to talk to be busy.

A mobile phone, on the other hand, takes time to get your phone out, unlock it, scroll to find your contact details, make the call and wait for your teammate to pick up. Not only does this take more time than using a radio, you can only call one person at a time and cannot send out a group message to everyone. This can be both inconvenient and potential dangerous, particularly if you are running security at an event.

Want to Speak to Our Team?

If you’re interested in finding out more about purchasing, servicing or renting any of our radio rentals, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have more than thirty years of experience in the sector and can guarantee to help find the right communication devices for you and your team. You can give us a call on 021-4319900 or drop us an email at info@kestrelcomms.com. Alternatively, you can leave us a message on our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.