Are you looking to purchase top quality Motorola walkie talkie radios? If you said yes, then looking no further, because you have come to the best place possible. Welcome to Kestrel Communications. We are a specialist wireless communications company that sells, rents, and services two-way radio devices. As a business, we have over 34 years of experience within the industry, so we have the best knowledge when it comes to wireless communications solutions; so whether you’re looking for a simple or complex communication system we will provide you with top quality advice and products that will fulfil all your specific needs and requirements.  


What are Motorola walkie talkie radios?


Here at Kestrel Communications, we understand that radio communications are one of the most effective ways to communicate with one another within a closed group. Two-way radios, like Motorola walkie talkie radios, are often used by businesses, local authorities, and other groups of individuals as they can communicate between users quickly and effectively without racking up a large bill. In addition to this, two-way radios are far simpler to use compared to a wide range of other communication systems, this is because once the radios are set up, with one button you can contact multiple people without fussing with keypads or navigation tools. 


Why should you use a two way radio rather than a mobile phone?


There are many ongoing debates about whether buying mobile phones or Motorola walkie talkie radios is best for a business. Motorola walkie talkie radios are a cost-effective way of creating a robust system over a small area, however this can be extended over a wider space with a radio license that can be obtained for a small fee. The issue of using mobile phones is that they can break easily if dropped and if the work you’re carrying out is rough, then a business may end up spending more money on replacing phones. Further to more, with a radio system, users can be added very easily without the hassle of any paperwork, whereas with a mobile phone contract, getting a new number for a new user requires making several calls to a network provider and then setting up a mobile so it can work with a specific network. For this reason, here at Kestrel Communications, we believe that radio communication is the best way forward if you want an efficient, simple, effective solution that you can control and easily manage.


What Motorola walkie talkie radio do you need?


One of the best Motorola walkie talkie radios we sell is the Motorola DP4801e. This radio is ideal for skilled professionals who require a good quality communication channel with advanced features for efficient operation. These radios are often stated to be as good as a mobile phone as it has prominent features that allow for location tracking, WiFi connections and Bluetooth audio, and it’s tested to military standards so it is certain that this device will last longer than a normal mobile phone when working in rough conditions. For more information about this top of the range Motorola walkie talkie radio, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team. However, if you require a two-way that is slightly different, then don’t worry, here at Kestrel Communications, we have a range of radios that are suitable for all kinds of different needs and requirements.


So, if you’re looking to purchase Motorola walkie talkie radios, then make sure you get in touch with us. Here at Kestrel Communications, we are renowned for helping businesses and individuals obtain the best communication systems that are suited to their specific needs, so you can be assured that whatever you buy from us will be ideal for you. For more information about our products and services get in touch with us on 021 431 9900, and a member of our team will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, you can email us at, and we’ll get back to you shortly.