Are you looking to purchase Motorola two way radios in Ireland? Would you be interested in our high quality Motorola solutions which offer the very latest technology at the most affordable price? If the answer is yes, welcome to Kestrel Communications. We are specialists in the sale, service and rental of wireless communications systems for commercial customers. 


We offer a vast range of products to clients including two way radio systems, radio control over VoIP, GSM control units, paging systems, lone worker and man down alarm systems and more. Whatever wireless communications solution you are looking for, we’ve got you covered. Our team has years of experience behind them working with this diverse set of technologies, continuing to build up knowledge. We pride ourselves on our extensive expertise, which makes us equipped to handle anything related to wireless communications, no matter the scale or size of the task. 


Our Motorola Two Way Radios in Ireland


Here at Kestrel Communications, we offer a wide range of Motorola two way radios in Ireland. This encompasses two broad categories; Mobile and Portable radios. Mobile radios, also known as base or car radios, are bigger in size and cannot be used as handheld units. While portable radios, otherwise known as hand-held radios or walkie-talkies, are smaller and can be taken with you wherever you go. 


We provide a number of Digital and Analogue mobile radios which are Motorola models including the DM1400, DM4401e, DM4601e, and the GM340 or CM140. In terms of Digital and analogue portable radios, we offer everything from models DP1400 to DP4801Ex, and CP040 to GP340 respectively. If you would like to view the specifics and images of these units, please visit our website to see more. 


We guarantee a customer-focused solution that works with you and delivers based on your needs. Our staff are highly knowledgeable, professional and friendly throughout dealings with customers. Check out our testimonials online to see what our customers have said about us.


The Benefits of Motorola Systems


Should you be thinking of purchasing one of our Motorola two way radios in Ireland, you should be confident that you will be receiving top-quality products that are renowned for their quality and reliability. Motorola radio systems are high performance products that have delighted customers for almost one hundred years. Motorola has consistently kept up with the times, adapting to technological change and progress in the industry. With innovative technologies, you can rest assured that these two-way radios are the best solutions out there. They are reliable, quality systems that you can always rely on. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us today if you would like to get in touch about the Motorola two way radios in Ireland that we sell. You can call us on 021-4319900 to talk about all the options available to you today with one of our expert team members. You can also give us an email at and we will be in contact shortly. Feel free to send us a message via our website’s contact form. We’re looking forward to hearing soon from you.