Are you looking for a man down system for your lone workers? Welcome to Kestrel Communications. We specialise in the sale and rental of two-way radio systems and communication solutions; so if you’re looking for a basic analogue radio or complex integrated digital systems, we are sure we will have the best solution for you. Our systems have been used by a number of businesses who use lone worker shift patterns for example, our systems allow for alerting in the event of an emergency when a worker is working alone. Why not contact us today to see how we can assist you?


We Have Extensive Communication Experience


Kestrel Communications have been established since 1986, giving us over 30 years of experience in the communication industry; specialising in the sale, service and rental of all wireless communications systems. As a business, we can provide you with a range of communication solutions such as radio control over VOIP, paging systems, ATEX approved hand-portable radios, two-way radio (PMR), lone worker and man down systems, GSM control units, ERT systems and Atex cellular phones. At Kestrel Communications, our staff are highly knowledgeable, so you can be certain that we’ll provide you with the most ideal communication systems for you and your business.


The Benefits of Man Down Systems


One of the most demanded communication solutions we provide is our range of man down systems. At Kestrel Communications, we can offer simple radio solutions to more complex solutions such as radio alarms and off-site telephone and dispatch alert systems. With our high-quality man down systems, you can have peace of mind from a distance, meaning you will never need to worry about any of your unaccompanied staff when they are either working alone on your premises or out and about. Our man down systems are easy and simple to use; it works by sending an alert to all radio users, so they can come and deal when an emergency arises. 


Why Use a Man Down System?


There are several reasons to use a man down system. Slips, trips and falls remain the biggest cause of workplace accidents across many industries around the world, and many people often aren’t able to call for help as they are too badly injured. So, implementing a man down system can help organisations to protect the safety of their lone workers and meet their legal duty of care. These systems can help lone workers raise the alarm when things go wrong and prevent further injury trying to get the hold of people by moving especially if they have had an accident..


Get in Contact With Kestrel Communications


So, if you’re looking for a reliable man down system, why not contact Kestrel Communications today. Kestrel Communications is a leading provider of communications systems, so you can be sure that if you use our services, you will receive a first-class service. For more information about our man down systems or other communications solutions, you can get in contact with us on 021 431 9900, and a member of our expert customer service team will be more than happy to help you. Alternatively, you can send us an email on, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.