Are you interested in purchasing some ATEX 2 way radios? Are you unsure if they’re right for you? Then Kestrel Communications is here to help. We are the country’s leading specialist in the renting, buying and servicing of two way radios and other communications solutions. We’re passionate about providing all of our customers with exceptional radios that will suit the needs of them and their teams. Although we know that all the radios we stock are exceptional, finding the right radio is more complicated than just having a good radio. You need to choose the two way radio that works for your team and what you’re planning on doing with them. 

What does ATEX mean?

We stock a variety of different radios to suit a number of different customers, but our ATEX 2 way radios are particularly useful for many working in hazardous or dangerous environments. ATEX stands for Atmosphere Explosible and the ATEX Directive was introduced back in 2003 to ensure the safety of those working in hazardous environments.

What is an ATEX two way radio?

ATEX two way radios are an essential communication solution in many working environments. They are, however, particularly good at working in environments where electrical parks or heat could ignite an explosion, thus making the environment unsafe to operate standard radio equipment. ATEX two way radios have been built to withstand explosive atmospheres and their design and manufacture have been made to avoid any additional risks to the environment. This is what makes them so special, because they allow for continuous communication, no matter what work you’re doing. All ATEX two way radios have been made to the rigorous standard that can be expected by the ATEX Directive, so you know they are radios that you can trust.

Although anyone can benefit from the rugged, durable ATEX 2 way radios, they have been created for a specific purpose. ATEX 2 way radios are a range of different radios that are intrinsically safe, meaning that they have eliminated the risk of the equipment generating even a tiny spark. Even the smallest spark could be dangerous for some of the customers that we work with, so the ATEX 2 way radios are the ideal solution. From limiting the heat that the radio produces to close-casing the batteries, everything is manufactured with safety in mind. So, if you’re looking for a radio that is safe and up to the standards of your job, ATEX 2 way radios are the best choice for you.

Want to find out more?

If you’re interested in finding out more about Kestrel Communications and the range of ATEX 2 way radios that we stock, then feel free to get in touch with or browse our website to find our range of fantastic radios. As a company, we are dedicated to putting our customers first, especially because a radio can be key for resolving an emergency situation quickly and effectively. If you’d like to get in touch with us, you can call us on 021-4319900 or email us at