Are you considering purchasing two way radios? Are you looking for quality Motorola digital radios? Then we at Kestrel Communications can help you. We’re an experienced specialist for the rental, sale, and service of two way radios and other communication solutions. We know that finding the right radios can make all the difference to your work environment. Being able to fully communicate with every member of your team is so important for the safety and the day to day running of your business. Our Motorola digital radios offer you an amazing variety of different models that will suit every team and every budget.

Why choose Motorola Digital Radios?

Motorola Digital Radios have really a real reputation for being an excellent choice for almost any team. They are versatile, convenient and easy to use, making it perfect for teams of builders, engineers, security and many more industry professionals. No matter whether your company is setting up for a large event or running security at a gallery, Motorola digital radios have a number of benefits that you and your team will really enjoy.

  • They’re simple to use but still very durable

Motorola digital radios have always been designed to be easy to use, no matter where you’re working. Their noise-cancelling audio is key to making your voice loud, clear and intelligible. The features on the Motorola digital radios are so simple to use, so you’ll never have a problem getting into contact with anyone on your team. This simplicity, however, doesn’t make them low quality. Quite the opposite, these radios are durable, shock-resistant and waterproof. No matter where you take then, the Motorola digital radio will be at your fingertips, ready to help whenever you need it.

  • Safety

One of the key reasons for using a two way radio is for the safety of your employees and your customers and no company does safety quite like Motorola digital radios. These radios come with a variety of different programmes that are designed to ensure the safety of all your employees. One example is the Lone Worker feature, which can be programmed to check-in, meaning that if one of your employees fails to get in touch at the allotted time, the Lone Worker will alert an emergency response team and the radio will send out an audio signal to help them find their location.

Want to find out more?

If you’re interested in finding out more about Kestrel Communications and our range of Motorola digital radios, then feel free to get in touch with or browse our website to find our range of fantastic radios. We’re dedicated to ensuring that all of our customers find the right radios for them, whether they’re planning on renting, buying or servicing some radios. As a company, we are dedicated to putting the customer first, particularly as a radio can be key for resolving an emergency situation quickly and effectively. If you’d like to get in touch with us, you can call us on 021-4319900 or email us at