Does your business or organisation need lone worker monitoring systems? Look no further, welcome to Kestrel Communications. We are an independent business specialising in the sale, service and rental of a diverse range of wireless communications systems. This includes but is not limited to two-way radio systems, radio control over VoIP, GSM control units, paging systems, lone worker and man down alarm systems and much more. 

Our team of experts is able to provide you with a tailored solution that meets your specific needs and requirements, and do this at a competitive price. We are customer-focused and we pride ourselves on our reputation for first class customer service. So, if you need a professional and reliable lone worker monitoring system, please contact us today

Our Lone Worker Monitoring Systems

Here at Kestrel Communications, we offer clients an array of lone worker monitoring systems that can give peace of mind for employers when one of their personnel is working individually and isolated from other employees. The solutions we offer range from simple radio systems and radio alarms to dispatch alerting and off-site telephone solutions. Whatever the size of your company or organisation, we can provide you with a scaled solution that takes this into account. Past clients have ranged in size anywhere from being a three-man operation to a large, multi-person operation with several people working alone at any one time.

A radio-to-radio alerting system is a highly effective means of communication. In essence, what this system does is send an alert to all radios on the channel in the event that a man-down alarm or lone worker monitoring system is triggered. So, as soon as an emergency takes place, other radios are immediately notified of the situation. 

If you would like extra peace of mind and confidence that your worker is safe, then we would recommend an off-site alerting device. This solution ensures that unaccompanied workers are monitored and protected in all circumstances. If an emergency arises, the alarm will trigger, depending on your choice, one of the following; a phone call with a pre-recorded message, a text, an email or all three. This will communicate with a remote site or a designated number. 

Why Choose Kestrel Communications?

The lone worker monitoring systems that we provide offer an effective means at safeguarding your employees when they are working remotely or alone without another person nearby. Each device provides smooth, quick and efficient communication that ensures you are notified and aware of the current situation. Our high-tech systems perform well and offer excellent sound quality and reception. If you would like, you can also have an integrated solution that combines all the aspects of communication and safety on your organisation’s site.

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