Are you part of an organisation that wants to improve the level of efficiency when it comes to your workforce’s communications? Would you like to buy a series of two-way radios that are affordable, yet will be efficient-and-effective when deployed in the field? If either of your responses to the previous questions was positive, allow us to introduce ourselves – we are Kestrel Comms. In the world of two-way radios, there are few companies that can match us, either in terms of the prices that we routinely provide, or the sheer quality of our products. We understand that prior to placing an order, you may wish to discuss your individual needs with a member of our customer support team. In these instances, we encourage you to either call or email us, at 021 4319900 and respectively. 

Buying Two-Way Radios

If you have no prior knowledge of Kestrel Communications, you may be left wondering why it is that we are the company that you should acquire a two-way radio from – we are delighted to provide you with reasoning. Having been established in 1986, the expertise that we have built is second-to-none, and is on show in each-and-every project that we undertake. Not only this, but our reputation is nothing short of first-class, as demonstrated by the ever-growing list of Kestrel Communications Reviews that have been written about us.

A Glimpse at Our Two-Way Products

Contrary to popular belief, there is not just a single model that all two-way radios adhere to; in actual fact, there are a number of styles that you can choose from, and this is something that the Kestrel Communications team are more than happy to guide you through. If the majority of your workforce operates whilst on their feet, the purchase that could prove to be the most prudent would be that of a portable radio. Known commonly as ‘walkie-talkies’, these handheld devices are incredibly efficient at executing their functions. Should you be the owner of a particularly large complex, you may be required to boost the connectivity signal, and this is where a radio repeater comes into its own. If you have not yet found what you are looking for, we suggest spending some time exploring our website.

Do you have an enquiry about communication equipment?

Here at Kestrel Communications, we recognise the fact that not all of the customers that come to us will be looking to purchase two-way radios. However, this does not faze us – over the last thirty years, we have made it our mission to never turn away a client, and this means that we have had to expand our collection of services. In recent times, we have made a concerted effort to improve the systems and solutions that we have available. These include, but are certainly not limited to, radio-over IP and internal tracking services. You can learn more about the in-depth specifications of these options by visiting their dedicated pages.