Since 1986 Kestrel communications has been providing top quality wireless communications systems, from two way radios and repeaters to Atex cellular phones and an alarm management system selection. We are able to build systems, whether simple or complex, that are bespoke to you and your needs. We supply Motorola and Hytera products which are very high performing and are excellent pieces of equipment to have on hand, in order to enhance communication during emergency situations as well as a general working day. 

You can expect the Kestrel Communications team to be professional and helpful. We will use our broad knowledge and experience to advise you on which communication solution is best suited for your line of work, in order to give you the best productivity. 

Welcome to Kestrel Communications

Here at Kestrel Communications, we have a vast range of communication products including; two-way radios, repeaters, air band radios, Atex mobiles and radios, lone worker systems, internal tracking and our alarm management system. All of these products are designed to give workforces good communication, security and monitoring, so as to best protect their staff and increase work efficiency. 

Our alarm management system is designed to give you peace of mind, as the monitoring allows for quicker reactions to the situation. The alarm management system is able to handle fire alarms, intruder alarms, man-down alarms and geo fencing and restricted area breaches. As we are able to build our systems to incorporate your specific requirements, we will also be able to connect other alarms to the system as well. 

When the alarms are triggered alerts can be sent out in three ways. Firstly, through to the radios, where clear and detailed messages can be relayed to necessary personnel. Secondly, alerts can be sent to off site locations in the form of emails, phone calls and texts. This ensures that people outside of the situation are notified and can take the necessary measures to help out. This extra set of eyes and hands broadens the extent of security and help that can be sent. 

Our third alarm management system, our integrated system, which brings all of our alarms and alert systems under one solution, is able to be monitored through a central dispatch computer – of which there can be several. The idea behind this system is that it allows for the maximum potential of alert and response by relaying important and detailed information – including allocating emergency job roles – in order to create a smooth, organised and efficient reaction to the situation.

We will be happy to discuss our alarm management system, as well as all of our products, in greater detail and have in depth conversations with you about what you need and how we can help. 

Are you Interested in Finding out More?

Our friendly staff are very knowledgeable about all of our products and will be happy to provide you with more detailed information about our alarm management system and other services. Simply call 021-4319900 or send an email to to register your interest and begin discussing potential solutions. You can also reach out to us via our contact form.