Alarm Management

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Efficiently Manage Alarms and Alerts

Alarm Management is the efficient handling of alarms and alerts, whether these be Fire Alarms, Man Down Alarms, Intruder Alarms or any other kind of alert or alarm. The alarm information is immediately sent to either the On-Site Radios, the Central Dispatch or an Off-Site Location

Our Solutions Include

Alerts to the Radios

Simple yet Effective - Details of the Alarm or Alert are sent directly to Selected On-Site Radios, these messages can be as contain any details you require

Off-Site Alerting

Peace of Mind from a Distance - Alarm Notifications can be sent to any off site location, either via a call with a pre-recorded message, a text message or an email

Integrated Systems

A Complete Solution Combining Alarm Management, Lone Worker, CCTV, Phone, Text, Email, Off-Site Alerting and Radio Communications with an Easy to Use Computer System

Types of Alerts & Alarms Handled


Alerts can range from symbol radio to radio audio alerts to fully integrated systems linking; Location(internal & External), CCTV, VoIP, Off-Site Alerting and Individual Identification

Fire Alarms

Fire Alarm information can be provided to your Team's Radios or Central Dispatch as soon as it happens, Cutting Valuable Minutes off Response Times

Intruder Alarms

Get notification On or Off Site as soon as an Alarm is Activated, with Integrated Systems you can even assess the situation on the CCTV adjacent to the event

Restricted Area

With Geo-Fencing you will be alerted any time a Radio User goes Inside or Outside a Designated Area

Other Alarms

We can also cater to other alarms you may wish to be notified on, Contact us, and we can discuss what solution best suites your particular needs

Simple yet effective

Alerts Sent to the Radios

Detailed information about the alarm can be sent directly to the Radios, detailing Type of Alarm, Location, or Any Detailed Personalized Message you require

Piece of Mind from a distance

Off-Site Alerting

With off-site alerting you can rest assured that no alarm will go unnoticed. An emergency/alarm will trigger a Phone Call with a pre-recorded message, a Text message, an Email or All Three to a remote site or designated Number or Several Numbers

A complete integrated solution

Integrated Systems

Integrated Systems bring together all aspects of Safety and Communication on your site. Integrating Lone Worker/Man Down Alarms, Fire Alarm Notification, Phone Calls, Text Messaging, Email, Off-Site Alerting, Radio Over IP and Radio Communications. This solution allows for the allocation of Jobs or Emergency Duties Automatically Via the Radio System, and it is all Controlled and Monitored from a Central Dispatch Computer or Several Dispatch Computers