Kestrel Communications Ltd is one of Ireland’s leading suppliers of wireless communications systems. We specialise in radio, paging, personal alarm, lone worker, mandown , wireless nurse call, two-way radio systems, Atex & Standard systems and much more. We provide communications solutions for the various requirements of healthcare, manufacturing, information technology, multinational, private and public organisations. Systems can vary in size aimed to suit small to medium sized operations, or large industrial/healthcare complexes requiring many hundreds of portable devices. Technologies and products change, but we believe that the requirement for professional and reliable service is a constant. Radio is the fastest, most reliable and cost-effective method of getting those critical messages around your site to the exact person, from just two people right up to a full ERT response team. No waiting for a call to be connected or patched through.

We have equipment to cater for all your needs. We aim to provide excellent customer service, as we believe our success is due to our customers, understanding our customer needs and our engineering expertise.

Kestrel Communications places our customer requirements & quality to the forefront of everything we do & build. With experience in designing, integrating, constructing and supporting of  communications systems, Kestrel Communications offers a range of engineering support services to customers both large and small. With qualified engineers & partners we have the experience to support all sizes of projects.

Please contact us ; For information on our products , we would  be  glad to speak and advise you on your needs.

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