Entel – HT Series 2.0

HT Series 2.0 — a model for every application. From entry level to sophisticated MPT 1327 trunked variants, the HT Series 2.0 is built without compromise to deliver loud and crisp audio using the latest compander noise reduction technology.

Submersible — conforming to European 1P68, the HT Series 2.0 offers the highest submersibility rating of any manufacturer This unique series protects against corrosion, withstanding total immersion in water to a depth of 5 metres for I hour to protect against the likely hazards encountered in any field of operation.

Commercial Grade Construction — exceeding MIL STD 8 ICC/DIE/F rating for tough enduring performance the HT Series 2.0 is designed to withstand shock, vibration, dust and moisture, ensuring many years of trouble free use in the most hostile environments.

Simple Or Sophisticated — you choose. Need simple speech communications Then our entry level PMR radios will meet all your needs. Entel’s mid level radios give you all the facilities you might expect from our competitors’ products, while our top of the range radio is arguably the most versatile radio you can buy.

Intelligent Lithium.lon Battery With Built In Charge Cycle Monitoring — this very latest technology gives you four essential advantages:

I) For your convenience the HT Series 2.0 will count charge cycles of your battery pack, warning you when it is nearing the end of its life. Models equipped with an LCD will also display the battery charge count.
2) Extended duty cycle.
3) Not prone to the dreaded memory effect that Nicad and Ni-MH battery packs suffer from, therefore no need to fully discharge your battery pack before charging.
4) Stores a charge up to three times longer than a Nicad battery.

ATEX Approved IIB & IIC — the HT900 range of ATEX certified portables meet IIBT4 & IICT4 — the  most stringent ATEX ratings as per EU directive 9419/EC. For full details refer to the ATEX DATA SHEET available here: http://www.entel.co.uk/atex

ATEX Approved IIA — the HT800 range of ATEX certified portables meet IIAT4 for those requiring lower cost ATEX equipment for use in a less hazardous environment.This classification offers the maximum RE power output (up to 5 watts).

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